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Customizable, Washable, Reusable! Adjustable sizing AND no-fog glasses option! 


Made with two layers of 100% cotton with elastic ear bands, and available in 4 sizes:


Instructions for sizing:


Toddler- (up to age 5)


Kid- (average size of ages 5-9)


Small/Medium- Kids ages 10+ & Adults (Adjustable size recommended for kids ages 10-13)


Large- Adults

NEW ADJUSTABLE OPTION! Choose "child adjustable" or "Adult adjustable" if you're concerned about common sizing. Masks will come with elastic bands that you tie to your comfort the first time, and then they can be easily slipped on for subsequent uses.


If you have any sizing questions, don't hesitate to ask. Just put it in your ordering note.


DO YOU WEAR GLASSES?? Choose the "with glasses" option for an adjustable nose clamp that forms to your face for less fogging!! NEED TO TALK A LOT? This is also a great way to keep your mask in place while you chat.

***NOTE FOR NASHVILLIANS: Due to high volume of orders and a slightly slower than normal postal delivery, if you would like to arrange a pickup time for your order once it is completed, please make a note of it in your order. Thank you!


***May take up to a week to ship, but I will be getting them done as fast as possible!***

Resist Resist Resist! Washable/ Reusable Face Mask

  • Masks are machine washable and dryable. To lengthen the life of your mask, line drying is best. 

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